Meta Faces AI Talent Drain Amid Silicon Valley’s Escalating Recruitment Frenzy

In what was described as a major blow to Meta, three of its top AI executives resigned from the tech giant in the course of just a week, epitomizing the increasing competition for AI talent among Silicon Valley’s biggest tech titans.

These resignations by this wave of executives, which is happening at some of the largest companies, underscore the extremes to which firms are going, trying to woo top talent in the field with hefty offers that include large salaries, bonuses, and equity. Devi Parikh announced her exit from Meta in a long goodbye post after a seven-year stint as Senior Director of Generative AI.

Joining her in departure are Erik Meijer and Abhishek Das, who have left their positions as Senior Director of Engineering and Research Scientist, respectively.

Meijer himself had taken every opportunity to object to the limitations of working within a large corporation for the innovative development of AI and stated his desire to go solo in his research.

The talent vacuum has seen Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg personally woo AI researchers away from Google’s DeepMind in a bid to hire them for Meta. In some of these particularly aggressive poaching attempts, a few of the people such companies sought to recruit were offered positions on teams without even the formality of a normal interview process—an indication of just how desperate these technology firms are for talent. Zuhayeer Musa, onejson of the co-founders of, claimed that with a sample size of 344 individuals, median pay packages for AI engineers working at Meta are approaching $400,000.

That’s part of a broader trend across Silicon Valley, where Elon Musk called out OpenAI for poaching Tesla engineers with big-money offers that forced him to raise salaries for his AI team. His social media comments which refer to the situation as “the craziest talent war I have ever seen” may perfectly echo what is felt all over the world in the tech industry. This is nothing new to Meta: it has over the last several years suffered from significant attrition in its AI research ranks as burnout and decreasing confidence in the company’s direction push many of its academic stars out.

Rob Fergus, co-founder of the AI lab at Meta, left in 2020 to join Google’s DeepMind team. Meta’s AI team will be captained by Rob Fergus, co-founder and CEO of the research firm FAIR. These exits and recruiting potholes, in many ways, serve to highlight the stakes in Silicon Valley’s race to AI domination in a sector still defining how the future of technology and business will look.


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