Zuckerberg Critiques Apple’s Vision Pro, Declares Meta’s Quest Superior

In a recent Instagram video, Mark Zuckerberg didn’t mince words when it came to critiquing Apple’s latest mixed reality headset, the Vision Pro. Comparing it directly to Meta’s Quest, Zuckerberg highlighted numerous areas where the Quest outshines its competitor, despite the Vision Pro’s hefty $3,500 price tag.

Zuckerberg’s review emphasized the Quest’s superior affordability and overall performance, noting features such as a brighter screen, wider field of vision, and more immersive content. He also pointed out practical advantages like the absence of wires and greater comfort, with the Quest being notably lighter on the face.

While acknowledging a couple of strengths in the Vision Pro, such as its eye tracking and higher resolution, Zuckerberg didn’t shy away from criticizing its overall quality, particularly in terms of comfort and ergonomics.

Taking a jab at Apple’s reputation, Zuckerberg highlighted the misconception that higher cost equates to better quality, asserting that the Quest surpasses the Vision Pro in most areas despite its significantly lower price.

In a daring move, Zuckerberg also challenged Apple’s dedicated fanbase, asserting that the future of computing doesn’t always favor closed models like Apple’s, positioning Meta’s open model as the future winner in the mixed reality headset arena.

Ultimately, Zuckerberg’s review painted a clear picture: when it comes to mixed reality headsets, Meta’s Quest stands out as the superior choice, offering better value and performance than Apple’s Vision Pro.

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