Elon Musk: With All Those Satellites Up There, I’d Definitely Spot Aliens If They Existed

SpaceX big boss Elon Musk is pretty sure there are no aliens hanging around. Despite launching rockets and deploying around 6,000 satellites into orbit, Musk hasn’t spotted any signs of extraterrestrial life. “I have seen no evidence for aliens and, with ~6000 satellites orbiting Earth, I think I would know,” Musk stated recently on X, his social media platform.

The topic popped up again following comments made by Tucker Carlson on “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast. In the interview, Carlson was all in on aliens, suggesting they’ve been lurking under our oceans and underground for ages. Musk, however, isn’t buying it.

Musk has been down this road before. Back in June 2018, he pondered over humanity’s lonely status in the cosmos, suggesting that we might be the only peeps in the universe. He’s even mentioned that this solitude adds urgency to spreading human life beyond Earth.

In one of his musings last July, Musk referred to the Fermi Paradox—which questions why we haven’t bumped into aliens yet—saying the eeriest possibility is that we’re entirely alone out here.

Beyond his personal curiosity, Musk’s space ventures have more than just sci-fi implications. His company SpaceX is a major player in the defense sector, launching military satellites. Plus, Starlink, his satellite venture, has become crucial in the Ukraine war, helping troops operate drones and maintain communications.

As for future plans, Musk hopes to amp up the satellite count to a whopping 42,000. Maybe more eyes in the sky will change his mind about aliens, or maybe they’ll just keep helping us Earthlings stay connected and defended. Either way, Musk keeps looking up.

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