SpaceX Scandal: Allegations of a Secret Romance Between Elon Musk and Former Intern

A new report by The Wall Street Journal has brought to light allegations of a brief romantic relationship between Elon Musk and a former SpaceX intern. This revelation comes amidst ongoing scrutiny of SpaceX over workplace conduct and sexual harassment claims.

According to the report, the woman, whose identity remains confidential, first met Musk in the early 2010s during her internship at SpaceX while she was still a college student. She told friends that her initial interactions with Musk included sharing ideas to improve the company, which eventually led to a date where they bonded over “Star Wars” and shared a kiss.

The report further details how Musk flew the woman to Sicily to visit him at a resort, citing documents reviewed by The Wall Street Journal. In 2017, Musk personally contacted the woman to discuss a potential role on his executive team. She subsequently joined the team and worked at SpaceX until 2019. She left the company following the layoff of an executive she reported to, as stated in affidavits provided to the outlet by her lawyers.

Throughout her full-time role at SpaceX, the woman insisted she did not have a romantic relationship with Musk. She emphasized that nothing inappropriate occurred during her employment at the company. Her lawyers, who also represent Musk, provided these documents to The Wall Street Journal. They confirmed her previous romantic relationship with the SpaceX CEO.

Friends and individuals familiar with the matter told the Journal that the woman visited Musk at his home multiple times during her employment at SpaceX. Despite this, she has advised friends not to speak to reporters and sought to remain anonymous in the article.

This report comes at a time when SpaceX is under significant scrutiny due to allegations of sexual harassment within the company. Earlier this year, Bloomberg reported that seven former SpaceX employees filed complaints in California, accusing executives of discriminating against women and making inappropriate jokes about sexual harassment.

As these new revelations surface, they add to the growing concerns about the workplace culture at SpaceX and the behavior of its high-profile CEO. The Wall Street Journal’s report paints a complex picture of personal and professional dynamics within one of the world’s most innovative companies, highlighting the need for greater transparency and accountability.

For now, the story continues to unfold as both SpaceX and Elon Musk navigate these challenging allegations. The implications for SpaceX’s workplace culture and Musk’s public image remain to be seen, but this report certainly puts the spotlight on issues that demand attention and resolution.

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