Ethical Workplaces Trump High Salaries, According to Latest Research

Money Takes a Backseat: Nearly Half of Adults Prioritize Ethical Workplaces

New research highlights a shifting trend in job priorities, with a surprising revelation: 46% of adults consider working for an ethical business more crucial than receiving a higher salary. The study, featured in the HR Unhooked PR and Marketing Report by Unhooked Communications, delves into the preferences of 2,015 UK adults regarding their dream jobs and the motivating factors in their work lives.

Age and Industry Factors: 25-34 Age Group Leads Ethical Workplace Preference

Within the survey, the 25-34 age group emerged as the strongest advocate for ethical workplaces, with 54% prioritizing this aspect. Similarly, those engaged in the environment and energy sector overwhelmingly valued working for an ethical business, with a staggering 65% expressing this preference.

Beyond the Paycheck: Work-Life Balance and Remote Work Options Gaining Prominence

The study found that a significant 62% of adults place a higher value on achieving a better work-life balance than receiving a higher salary. Additionally, 53% favor working for a company that offers remote work options at least some of the time.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) plays a pivotal role in job preferences, as 52% consider it important to work for a company engaged in community-focused initiatives. Furthermore, 46% express a desire to work for a company with an environmental, social, and governance (ESG) policy. Over half of respondents (57%) emphasize the importance of working for a company that champions diversity and inclusivity.

Job Hunt Insights: Online Presence and Awards Play Crucial Roles

When job hunting, 59% of respondents turn to a business’s website and social media channels for insights into its culture, values, and work environment. Equally significant is the number of people (59%) who research recent news stories about the company. Additionally, 42% look for awards that the business has been shortlisted for or won.

Claire Gamble, MD of Unhooked Communications, underscores the importance of companies highlighting their culture and ethics in external communications to attract and retain top talent. She emphasizes the collaboration between HR, marketing, and PR teams to build a robust employer brand through positive press coverage, award recognition, and content that reflects the company’s ethics and purpose.

For a detailed look at the findings, you can download the full report here.

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