Tesla’s Workforce Shrinks Again: Musk Cuts Execs and Teams, More Layoffs Expected

Tesla’s big boss, Elon Musk, says the company isn’t done cutting jobs yet. On Monday, he told everyone that two big-shot execs are out, and so are their teams. Musk’s all about slashing costs, keeping the team lean and plans to lay off hundreds more employees.

He told everyone in an email, got by The Information, that Rebecca Tinucci, who handled Tesla’s charging stations, and Daniel Ho, in charge of the new vehicles program, are leaving. This email got out, and it looks like their whole teams are getting shut down. That means about 500 people working for Tinucci are going to be jobless.

Musk said Tesla’s team that deals with government stuff is also getting the axe. Rohan Patel, who was the boss of that team, already said he was leaving back on April 15.

And Musk isn’t stopping there. He’s planning to ask some more Tesla bosses to pack up if they can’t prove their teams’ perfomance, and can be trusted. He’s doing this starting Tuesday morning. Musk is really pushing for cutting down on how many people work at Tesla.

These job cuts are hitting Tesla at a bad time. Their sales are down, and they’re losing out to some tough competition from Chinese companies like BYD.

Just last week, Tesla said their money coming in had dropped 9% from last year—the biggest drop since 2012. And earlier this month, they said they sold 386,810 cars in the first part of 2024, which is 20% less than the last part of 2023.

Back on April 14, Musk kicked off this year’s big job cuts, chopping off more than 10% of their staff. Before all these cuts, Tesla had more than 140,000 people working there. It’s a tough times at Tesla, and doesn’t seem like things are getting better anytime soon.

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