The Battle for AI Dominance: Apple Pulls 36 AI Experts from Google in Tech Talent War

Since 2018, Apple has been stealing AI experts from Google. A report from the Financial Times says they’ve convinced 36 Googlers to join them. It’s all part of a big fight between the top tech companies to get the best AI people.

A recent Apple’s research study had six writers who used to work at Google. They joined Apple in the last two years. A total of nine out of 31 people who helped write the study were last working at Google. Even two writers came from Microsoft.

This is happening while there’s a big rush among top tech companies to boost their AI teams. Google just got Logan Kilpatrick, who used to be the top guy for developers at OpenAI. Someone even said that the boss of OpenAI, Sam Altman, personally called them to join his team, and they said yes.

Mark Zuckerberg from Meta is also trying to get Google’s AI people by sending them emails directly. Fortune reported that some big names from Microsoft have left to work on AI at other companies. One of them, Gurdeep Singh Pall, now works at a software company called Qualtrics as their AI president.

Microsoft is stepping up too. They just shared plans to open an AI center in London, right where Google DeepMind is based. They want to hire some really great people soon.

It’s not just the big companies in this game. Startups are also looking for AI talent to grow. The new boss of Microsoft AI, Mustafa Suleyman, told the FT that it’s super competitive everywhere. From small startups bursting with ideas to big companies going head-to-head, it’s a fierce time to be in tech.

Everyone’s racing to get the smartest AI minds. Whether it’s trying to outdo each other with fancy new projects or just grabbing the best people before someone else does, the battle doesn’t look like it’s cooling down anytime soon. This rivalry is pushing tech forward at an incredible speed.

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