Canva’s CEO Melanie Perkins Reveals the Journey Behind the World’s Leading Design Platform

In an exclusive interview with Emily Chang, host and executive producer of “The Circuit” on Bloomberg, Melanie Perkins, Co-founder and CEO of, shares insights into the origins and evolution of Canva, now one of the world’s most valuable private software companies. From the platform’s diverse user base to its global success and AI integration, Perkins delves into Canva’s unique approach in revolutionizing the design industry.

The Canva Phenomenon:

Canva has transformed the way people design, offering a user-friendly interface for a broad range of creative projects. Perkins discusses the platform’s versatility, from presentations to social media graphics, highlighting the staggering statistic of 15 billion designs created by users worldwide. With over 70 payout markets now available, Canva’s global impact is undeniable.

The Canva Advantage:

Based in Sydney, away from Silicon Valley, Canva has thrived as a global company. Perkins views the distance as a massive advantage, emphasizing the company’s profitability for six consecutive years. She discusses the unique company culture, including a dedicated team focused on maintaining a positive work environment, reflecting on Canva’s journey from a small team to a workforce of 3,900.

AI Integration and Future Vision:

Perkins outlines Canva’s AI strategy, emphasizing the platform’s commitment to simplicity and accessibility in design. With generative AI integrated across its suite, Canva empowers users to create content effortlessly. Perkins demonstrates the collaborative AI features, showcasing the platform’s commitment to innovation. Looking ahead, Canva aims to combine technology and creativity, bridging the gap to help users achieve their goals seamlessly.

Competition and Future Prospects:

Chang raises questions about competition from tech giants like Adobe and Microsoft. Perkins sees Canva not as a competitor but as a creator, filling a gap in the market for beautiful yet user-friendly design tools. She expresses excitement about Canva’s position to merge technology and creativity, envisioning a decade of magic in reshaping how people approach design.


As Canva continues to make waves in the design industry, Melanie Perkins leaves viewers with a glimpse into the company’s commitment to making design accessible for everyone. Canva’s journey, from its humble beginnings to a $40 billion valuation, serves as a testament to Perkins’ vision and the platform’s ongoing impact on the world of design.

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